Wednesday, April 29, 2015

TOP STORY >> PCSSD: New district should be excluded

Leader senior staff writer

In answer to the Jacksonville-North Pulaski School District’s April 16 petition in the court of District Judge Price Marshall for recognition as a party defendant, the Pulaski County Special School District on Tuesday filed a brief asking the judge to deny that status.

“No compelling reason has yet presented itself for changing the status quo and more formally clothing the representatives of JNPSD with status beyond that which they currently enjoy and occupy,” PCSSD attorney Allen Roberts wrote in response.

“Until additional clarity emerges regarding this issue, the court should exercise judicial restraint, deny JNPSD full party status but remain open-minded for the proposition…”

The interests of the two districts are in opposition concerning some areas — particularly regarding division of assets and liabilities — that relate to desegregation, and JNPSD believes it should be party to the action before the court because of that.

The Joshua Intervenors, represented by John Walker, had not filed a brief on the matter by late Tuesday.

Marshall said he would rule on the matter at the May 19 status hearing, if not before.

“We’re surprised they are objecting,” Wilson said Tuesday afternoon. “It seemed at the hearing that they would not have a problem.”