Wednesday, March 14, 2007

EDITORIALS>>Save a few trees

To the editor:
These days, when you drive in any direction, before long you pass a plot of ground where all the trees have been bulldozed down and piled in the center of it to be burned.

Do people not understand that trees are important to our well being? Not only are they beautiful (pleasure), they help control the climate (shade) and act as wind breaks (breezes). They provide a place for birds and small animals (shelter).

The roots of trees help water to soak deep into the ground and control soil erosion. One very important action of trees is to absorb carbon dioxide from the air and produce oxygen to release back into the air. Humans need oxygen to survive!
Perhaps city planners should suggest (insist?) that developers leave one or two lots in their housing developments for hardwood trees to grow.

Individual lots are usually large enough for a house and a tree, too. It seems with the concentration of people in subdivisions more oxygen would be very beneficial. Recycling newspapers and cardboard is also a helpful way to save trees and take care of this earth. It is the only one God gave us.

Theresa Yandell