Monday, August 06, 2007

EDITORIALS>>Mayor Hillman

Virginia Hillman, Sherwood’s new mayor, was all smiles Wednesday after she was sworn into office, accepting congratulations from supporters and other people of goodwill who wished her well.

Hillman had fought a tough campaign against several formidable opponents, including former Mayor Bill Harmon, whom she faced in Tuesday’s runoff, besting him almost 2-1, a remarkable achievement considering the powerful forces who lined up behind Harmon.

Hillman, the former city clerk, is eager to work with the city council, which had a stormy relationship with former Mayor Danny Stedman, who served in office just four months before resigning for health reasons.

The council should give Hillman an opportunity to lead a growing community that will see dramatic growth with the development of some 2,000 acres that city recently annexed. Sherwood’s population could surpass Jacksonville’s in the next five years as a result of the annexation. Jacksonville had also hoped to annex at least part of the area northwest of Sherwood but lost out in a contentious court battle.

Also high on Hillman’s agenda is deciding what to do with the proposed sale of Rolling Hills Country Club, which Harmon, who until this week acted as interim mayor, wanted the city to buy the property and stop private developers from putting a subdivision on the golf course.

Hillman, ever the concilliator, wants the public to decide what to do with the golf course. That is her style of governing, and here’s wishing her all the best.