Tuesday, October 30, 2007

EDITORIALS>>Support Fallfest

This year’s Sherwood Fallfest had everything a town could have wanted in a festival except attendance.
It is probably the best non-attended festival in Arkansas.

The festival rivals most other festivals in the state with the number and variety of vendors. There was plenty of food to choose from and most of it local and relatively inexpensive. Plus, the weather was exquisite.

The entertainment was all homegrown and all excellent. And 90 percent of Sherwood missed it. Sure people can say there was a lot going on that Saturday—and there was. The Race for the Cure, the Hogs on radio winning their first SEC game and the final weekend of the state fair.

But pick any week in October and there’s a lot going on. The argument doesn’t wash. Not only were there people missing, so was half the city’s leadership. It’s not a requirement that aldermen are there, but it would be nice if they showed people they physically support city activities.

Alderman Marina Brooks was there, working all day as a volunteer, on a bum foot. Aldermen Sheila Sulcer and Butch Davis were also there for a large chunk of the day. Mayor Virginia Hillman was there, too, visiting with everyone and she even emceed the cutest kids and karaoke contests—but that’s less than half of the city’s leadership. Did we miss anyone else?

Too much work went into the festival for such a small turnout. Very few vendors made money and soon they will stop coming and then people will show up and say, “Hey, I thought this was a good festival.”

It was and is, but the city may have to look at the return it’s getting for all of its work and effort.

The city put forth the effort, the activities and vendors—now the residents have to do their part—and participate.

—Rick Kron