Tuesday, July 22, 2008

SPORTS>> Sharks cruise

Leader sports editor

The Sherwood Sharks met little resistance in winning their fifth consecutive Central Arkansas Swim League Meet of Champs on Saturday at the University of Arkansas-Little Rock.

Thomas Heye won five individual events while Joseph Potts, Delaney Haralson and Anna Jaworski each captured four as Sher-wood amassed 519 points, easily surpassing the second-place Cabot Piranhas’ 250 points.

Cabot had some outstanding individual performances of its own. Megan Owens won four events — including the 13-14-year-old 50-yard breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle, as well as the 100-yard individual medley.

But Heye won the day, winning in the 9-10-year-old division in the 50-yard freestyle, 50-yard butterfly, 50-yard breaststroke, 50-yard backstroke and the 100-yard individual medley.

In the 6-under division, Potts captured the 25-yard freestyle, 25-yard backstroke, 25-yard breaststroke and the 25-yard butterfly. Jaworski won in the girls 6-under division in the 25-yard freestyle, 25-yard backstroke, 25-yard breaststroke and 25-yard butterfly.

Haralson won in the 9-10 division of the 50-yard freestyle, 50-yard backstroke, 50-yard butterfly and the 100-yard individual medley.

Christopher Heye won three events in the 11-12 division: the freestyle, breaststroke and individual medley.

Other multiple winners for Sherwood include Brandon Daugherty (7-8 freestyle, butterfly and individual medley), Emily Haynes (7-8 freestyle and butterfly), Tori Newton (9-10 freestyle and breaststroke), Kirby Jones (15-18 freestyle and backstroke), Jonathan Buzzitta (15-18 backstroke and butterfly), James Schlag (15-18 breaststroke and individual medley) and Savannah Lancaster (15-18 breaststroke and individual medley).

Thomas Heye added another first place in the 12-under 100-yard freestyle relay, while Joseph Potts and Brendan Daugherty joined up to win the 8-under freestyle relay. Delaney Haralson also added another first in the 12-under freestyle relay.

Owens was also the anchor on Cabot’s winning 100-yard freestyle relay.

Other multiple winners for Cabot include Drake Cohea (6U freestyle and breaststroke), Tommy Layman (7-8 backstroke and breaststroke), Dylan Owens (9-10 backstroke and butterfly), Erin Loraditch (15-18 butterfly and backstroke), Alex Layman (6U backstroke and butterfly) and Josh Ellis (15-18 breaststroke and butterfly).