Tuesday, July 08, 2008

SPORTS>>Local athletes compete in Hershey Track and Field

Leader sportswriter

Patrick Biggs, Michael Henson and Brittney Eskridge each earned second-place finishes in the Hershey’s Track and Field state meet last week.

The three, along with four other area athletes, qualified for the meet in Russellville at the regional meet in Jacksonville in April.

Biggs took second in the 200 meters in the 11-12-year-old division. He also picked up a fourth in the standing long jump and a sixth in the 100 meters.

Henson’s second place came in the 13-14 division long jump and he added a fourth place in the softball throw.

Eskridge was second in the 9-10 softball throw, and also picked up a fourth in the 50 meters.

Stevie Eskridge was fourth in the 9-10 softball throw.

Cassandra Smith finished third in the 9-10 softball throw. Robert Harris and Chanell Roy tied for third in the 11-12 softball throw. Harris took home fourth in the 100 meters.