Saturday, November 15, 2008


Does Pulaski County Special School District really care about its kids? It’s doubtful.

Two schools are closed for an indefinite period of time and more than 1,200 students are displaced because the district is doing now what it should have done years ago — repair the roofs.

No matter how hard the PCSSD tries to spin this — the district messed up.

The movement of the teachers, students and equipment will put a strain on the flow of learning, and once the ripples settle, the district will reopen the schools, move the students back, causing more stress and more fractured learning.

The trusses were sprayed in 1992 and there should have been some kind of warranty or guarantee, but have too many years now gone by? If so, why didn’t the district do something in 1998 or 2002 when it knew the ultimate outcome, and may have had more recourse with the company?

This roof problem is just another in a series of calamities the district seems to find itself in.

An independent Jacksonville school district can’t come quick enough.