Saturday, January 02, 2010

TOP STORY >> Sherwood golf course could sell beer, wine

Leader staff writer

Beer and wine may be served at the Sherwood municipal golf course when it opens.

Sherwood resident Thomas Reynolds and partner Richard Miller of Maumelle applied for a beer and restaurant permit with the state’s Alcohol Beverage Control Board on Dec. 21.

The director should make a decision at the board’s Jan. 20 meeting. Anyone wanting to voice an opinion in support or against the permit needs to have it to the board by Jan. 19.

Reynolds said he was approved to lease the golf course’s old bar and grill area after the city published requests for proposals three different times. He’s not sure what his eatery, tentatively called Bunker’s Bistro, will carry or the hours that it will be open, but it should be ready to open along with the golf course sometime in April.

Reynolds said right now the city is doing some sewer work and remodeling that prevents him from starting any work on the bistro. “Once they are through we’ll go in and see what we can do,” he said.

The lease with the city is open ended at this point, Reynolds explained. “It’ll be an experiment. But we are working closely with the city and want to help the golf course as much as possible.”

In the three proposals the city sent out, it asked for all submissions to be in by Nov. 30.

The legal notice stated that the city was “seeking business plan proposals for a restaurant/sports bar establishment in the lower level of the clubhouse facility at North Hills Park. It is anticipated that the restaurant would be open to the general public and not offered just as support to the anticipated golf course.”

The city wanted proposals to include the anticipated theme of the restaurant, a proposed food and beverage menu, history and experience of the entity or individuals submitting the plans and equipment needed. Reynolds admits he’s the “Sherwoodian in the deal and that his partner has the technical food experience.”

Michael Langley of the ABC said it’s not unusual for a city or individual leasing city property to apply for a beer and restaurant permit. “Look at War Memorial and Verizon Arena,” he said.

But to get the permit the individuals, business and location must meet numerous requirements. Reynolds believes his partnership has met all the requirements.

The permit will only allow Reynolds’ facility to sell beer and wine. If Reynolds wants to sell liquor, he will have to get a private- club permit which falls under more stringent requirements.