Wednesday, February 03, 2010

TOP STORY >> Cattle sniper stalks rancher

A Lonoke County rancher’s livelihood is on the line after two of his cows were shot in the head recently.

None of the cows have died, but rancher Carl Hart says the veterinarian bills are stacking up.

The cost of treating the animals’ wounds “could run in to a few thousand dollars,” he said.

This is not the first time that his cows have been shot either.

“It started last year around deer season,” he said.

Five cows were shot on his land last year. Two weeks ago, one was shot again and then last week, another one was found shot.

The recent bout of cow sniping began about seven weeks ago when Hart found another cow shot in the neck.

Hart’s ranch is near Hwy. 236 and Clayhill Road.  The cows are valued at about $1,500.

Deputies say the shooter is using a small caliber firearm, probably a .22 or .22 magnum, which is not powerful enough to kill the cows.

The stress causes the cows to stop producing milk and their calves could die, he said.

Sheriff Jim Roberson wants to put at end to this and charge the shooter with cruelty to animals.

Anyone with information pertaining to these acts is asked to contact the Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office at (501) 676-3000.