Friday, May 14, 2010

EDITORIAL >>Davenport choice for commissioner

For commissioner of state lands, our choice is Monty Davenport. Experi-ence, knowledge and a public record are the keys. Davenport, a farmer and businessman from Yellville, has served three terms in the state House of Representatives. He voted progressively and was the primary sponsor of a dozen laws, including reform of the land office’s duties to protect school districts.

Of his two opponents, one, L. J. Bryant of Jonesboro, evinces a good understanding of the land office’s work and an interest in introducing more technology into the auctioning of tax-delinquent lands.

But experience and a good public record are hard to beat when you are choosing a steward of a purely ministerial office like land commissioner. That gives the nod to Monty Davenport.