Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TOP STORY > >Sylvan Hills graduation

Sylvan Hills High School had 165 seniors graduate Saturday morning at the Jack Stephens Center at UALR.

Graduating at the top of the class were valedictorian Shelby Holden and salutatorian Joshua Persson.

Holden will attend the University of Arkansas. She plans to major in biology.

She spoke about graduation and said, “It is exciting. It is a big day. I’m excited about starting a new chapter and moving on,” Holden said.

Joshua Persson will attend the University of Arkansas at Little Rock for a year before transferring to a bible college. Persson is interested in pastoral studies.

Persson talked about graduation day and said, “It is important. People make it a big deal and it is. It is a big step in life. It makes you feel accomplished after the four years of hard work you put into it.”

Graduating with honors were Jacob Persson, Deion Lemelle, Victoria Mantooth, Michelle Monroe, Phillip Persson, Candice Harris, Austin Miles, Michael Lock, Adam Harris, Katherine Thompson, Ahmad Scott, Sean Rast, Rebekah VanPelt, Dewayne Allen, Skylar Daly, Mary Huffmaster, Natalie Kerr, Morgan Cranmer, Brooke Fehrenbach, Ashlee Grizzard, Hollie Smith and Kgothatso Fridge.