Friday, June 04, 2010

EDITORIAL >>O’Brien has earned it

The race for secretary of state is the easiest on the Democratic primary ballot. Pat O’Brien is the clear choice, and not simply because he had the advantage of growing up under the civilizing influences of Jacksonville.

O’Brien cleaned up the courthouse in Little Rock, which took some doing. When he was elected circuit and county clerk, Pulaski County elections and county records were in such disarray that many of us feared that it would take a decade to fix the mess.

But the next election went like clockwork, for the first time in a decade. If you voted in the general primary last month and particularly if you voted early, you know that it was a marvel.

The secretary of state is a big county clerk. In fact, the secretary of state’s job is easier. He doesn’t actually have to run an election, just keep tabs on them.

His opponent is Mark Wilcox, who is completing (thank goodness) eight years as state land commissioner. The Arkansas Democrat Gazette last week ran a long story about Wilcox’s lavish travel expenses. Nothing illegal, just improvident.

Let’s give Pat O’Brien a promotion. He, and we, deserve it.