Friday, October 01, 2010

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By joan mccoy

Leader staff writer

Chad Causey, the Democratic candidate for Congress in the First District, has already been endorsed by his boss, Cong. Marion Berry (D-Ark.) and former President Bill Clinton. Now he has the support of another famous Arkansan, Gen. Wesley Clark, retired, decorated war hero, NATO’s supreme commander during the Kosovo War and 2004 presidential candidate.

Clark was with Causey Tues-day night for a fundraiser at the home of Lonoke County Prosecutor Will Feland which was also attended by several Democratic candidates for local office and state Sen. Bobby Glover of Carlisle.

During an interview before the party started, Clark said he is endorsing Causey in part because he believes he will work to bring back the nation’s prosperity by ending its dependence on foreign oil.

“I think Chad (Berry’s chief of staff) has the experience,” Clark said. “He’s been on the hill and he has deep roots in this part of the state. He knows Arkansas and he knows Washington.”

Clark, who grew up in Little Rock and lives there now, said the farmers in the First District can play a part in helping to stop America’s dependence on foreign oil by growing the raw materials for bio-fuel. He said he supports Causey because he understands the importance of developing alternatives to the $300 billion spent every year on imported oil, alternatives such as bio-fuels, compressed natural gas and oil from coal.

“It’s how to restore prosperity to America,” Clark said.

Clark heads the political action group WesPAC which supports Democratic candidates. He also serves as the co-chairman of the ethanaol lobbying group Growth Energy.

Historically, the congressman for the First District has been a Democrat, but Cabot residents are predominantly Republican.

Asked why he chose Cabot as the site of Clark’s endorsement, Causey said, “There are a lot of military families here.”

Clark’s endorsement underscores his commitment to the military, Causey said. Working with Berry, he helped with funding for the armory that is under construction in Cabot, he said. He also helped with funding for the new educational center at Little Rock Air Force Base and the program in Jonesboro that helps get veterans back into school.

As congressman, he will work to make it easier for veterans to receive benefits.

“There are too many loopholes to keep veterans from getting the benefits they were promised,” he said.

Causey said the campaign is going well.

“We’re about a month out and we’ve got the momentum and we’re building on it every day,” he said.