Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TOP STORY >> Revelation Riders spread religion at bikers rallies

Leader staff writer

The Hells Angels motorcycle club may be the one most notoriously recognized names in biker lore, but the Cabot Revelation Riders are the opposite with praying hands instead of a skull as the center of the jacket patch.

Cabot Revelation Riders are part of the nationwide Christian Motorcyclist Association. The motorcycle group ministers to the motorcycle community during bike rallies. The Christian Motorcyclist Association has 24 chapters in Arkansas.

The Cabot motorcycle group gathers at 6 p.m. for fellowship and holds a meeting at 7 p.m. on the first Monday of the month at Kingpin Restaurant inside the Allfam Bowling Center on Hwy. 321.

Begun three years ago, the Cabot motorcycle club is non-denominational. It is open to all bands of motorcycles, dirt bikes and sport bikes, trikes and all-terrain vehicles. He said they have a youth movement to get dirt-bike riders involved.

“We have one fellowship ride per month where we meet and greet and have a good time,” Cabot Revelation Riders president Darrel Newton said.

“Every weekend there is some kind of event we can participate in between motorcycle groups and Christian groups,” Newton said.

“We minister to the non-believer bikers. The biking community has so many different motorcycle groups that need support. We want to be there when the need arises with support and ministry if they are hurt, needing prayer time or needing someone to talk to,” he said.

Cabot Revelation Riders support the Jesus Film Project that produces a film about Jesus in 256 different languages, Mission Ventures, a missionary group and Open Doors, an organization that hands out Bibles.

“There is no charge to join. We asked if they are believers in Jesus Christ. You can be a youth or adult. It doesn’t matter what you ride,” Newton said.

Membership is free. Applications are available online at www.cmausa.org.