Tuesday, April 05, 2011

TOP STORY >> Vassar served longest

On Friday afternoon the Sherwood City Council, in a specially called meeting, approved a resolution naming the clubhouse at The Greens at North Hills in honor of retired Alderman Becki Vassar.

The resolution stated that when Vassar retired Dec. 31, 2010, after serving 32 years, she was the longest-serving alderman in the city’s history.

It went on to say that during Vassar’s tenure she “always exemplified the highest levels of service and integrity, was always a spirited advocate for the citizens, and was an energetic guardian of the city’s fiscal integrity and historic significance.”

So in honor of her service, positive commitments and contributions “it is only fitting that henceforth the clubhouse at The Greens at North Hills shall be named The Becki Vassar Clubhouse.”