Friday, June 17, 2011

TOP STORY > >Candidates for school board set to file soon

Leader staff writer

David Hipp and Fred Campbell, both longtime members of the Cabot School Board, aren’t running for re-election. On Wednesday, candidates for those positions may begin collecting the 20 signatures they need to be included on the ballot for the Sept. 20 election.

The petitions must be filed with the county clerk no later than noon July 22. Although only 20 signatures of registered voters are required, clerks recommend getting at least 25 in case some aren’t registered.

Although candidates can’t yet circulate their petitions, Brian Evans has announced that he intends to run for one of the open positions. Helen Teffer, who retired last year as the administrative assistant to the superintendent, says she will run for Hipp’s seat. Donna Nash, a retired teacher and wife of deceased board member Brooks Nash, will run for Campbell’s seat.

Before a school-board election may be held, school boards must approve budgets for two years in advance that include proposed building expenses.

The Cabot School Board met that requirement earlier this month with a $95.2-million budget for 2012-2013.

The budget requirement is connected to the requirement that districts’ millage rates are always included on the ballot.

Dr. Tony Thurman said the district isn’t asking property owners for a tax increase, and whether voters are for the existing millage or against it, the 39.5-mill rate stays the same.

Tina Wiley, who is over the district’s finance department, told the board the 2012-2013 numbers are projections based on the real budget for 2010-2011. Since passing the advance budget is a technicality, school districts aren’t held to it.