Tuesday, August 02, 2011

SPORTS >> Falcons showing great work ethic

Special to The Leader

New North Pulaski head coach Theodis Ingram is finding out about the ups and downs that come with coaching the Falcons, and he’s found several things he likes.

Coming in as a late hire, Ingram wasn’t able to coordinate any teams camps for the Falcons, so Monday was really the first day he’s been able to see his new team at work.

“I’m definitely seeing some things I like out there,” Ingram said. “I was really pleasantly surprised by the work ethic the kids have. I know football hasn’t been so great here in a while, but the attitude the kids have is great.”

Keeping those attitudes and spirits high is one of the priorities of the coaching staff. Ingram wants his assistant coaches to keep everything positive. Ingram and his staff coach fast, with a lot of intensity and that should prove beneficial to the Falcons as the season wears on.

The Falcons spent a lot of time Monday working on fundamentals, which is something virtually every team should stress. Not having the chance to work full 11 on 11 at team camp over the summer, the Falcons are a little behind in learning Ingram’s Wing-T offense, but should catch on quickly. An offense based heavily around running the ball, Ingram likes to effectively throw play-action passes from the formation as well.

“We’ve got an athletic quarterback and a really good fullback and tailback combo that I’m excited about,” Ingram said. “We don’t have a lot of size, so this will be a quick-hitting offense. Quick runs, and quick passes. We’re not going to drop back seven steps.”

Shyheim Barron and Marvin Davis are battling for the quarterback spot, with both showing similar skills. Barron has seen plenty of action under center, but had to give it up last year after injuring his hand. Willie Frazier and Derek Hart are both very good and very quick at fullback and tailback. Nick Dunn has impressed Ingram as the wingback in the offense.

While Ingram liked what he saw in the backfield, some of the other positions are an unknown just based on the low numbers right now. The Falcons had 35 senior high players on the field, but are expecting to boost that number to at least 45.

“One thing I’ve learned is that the kids here are so spread out with the school district being so spread out,” said Ingram. “Some aren’t close to here, so that makes it harder to try and get on them to come out and play.

“We do need more athletes here, and I think that’s coming. But the ones we do have have all shown me they have the right attitude and are ready to work. That’s really not something you can coach.”