Tuesday, January 03, 2012

TOP STORY >> Cypert releases agenda for 2012

Leader staff writer

Cabot Mayor Bill Cypert had a good first year in office based on a long list of accomplishments that he gave to The Leader last weekend. But one year leads into the next, and the mayor says he is ready with more projects that need to be addressed.

Top on that long list is a master street plan to control traffic as the city grows, a plan for financing important projects without additional taxes, better garbage and trash service and a district court that makes money.

Goals for 2012:

 Seventy-six drainage improvement projects.

 Continue to clean major drainage ditches and improve the ability for more cost effective maintenance.

 Adoption of the master street and sidewalk plans by Metroplan and the city council. Primary goals are for corridor protection and planned and reasonable strategic growth.

 Completion of a bond refinancing plan for infrastructure improvements in transportation, waste water, parks and recreation, fire station and engines. An election is planned for April 2013 and will simply refinance the current bond issue with no new sales tax.

 Eight sidewalk improvement projects.

 Forty-six street improvement projects.

 Implement a seasonal banner program for street light poles in major areas winter, spring, summer and fall.

 Review the productivity and cost effectiveness of the district court operation and consider improving security, also consider a night court.

Improve emergency lighting and fire protection in all city buildings.

Continue developing management access plans for all major corridors.

Continue developing corridor plans for all major corridors.

Prepare a cost, benefit for bringing solid waste, yard waste, and recycle pickup in house versus a third party, if not cost justified, rebid the solid waste contract.

Re-bid the software vendor for the city ordinance codification software arranging ordinances in a systematic form.

Re-bid the maintenance for citywide complex air conditioning and heating systems.

Review the employee salary and performance evaluation policies and administration.

Evaluate a more cost effective program for computer hardware, software, and technology maintenance.

Implement ability to pay advertising and promotion tax on-line.

Evaluate finance, payroll, and accounting software for cost effectiveness and state-of-the art status including consideration of a bi-weekly payroll.

Re-bid city cell-phone contract.

Consider cost / benefit migrating from a 14 day jail facility to a 24 hour facility using the Lonoke County jail facility.

Consider implementing a rental inspection program for existing (housing) units.

Re-bid the city property and casualty insurance after completion of an accurate inventory that is in progress of city property in terms of buildings and contents.

Bid the city checking account business.

Consider the annexation of the ford bottoms triangle bordered by Arkansas Highway 5, Arkansas Highway 89 and U.S. Highway 67/167.

Design and procure city pins and challenge coins for public relations and promote goodwill of the city as well as meet requests for such.

Design and implement a physical fitness program for police department.

Procure and implement a mobile adoption unit program (for animal control).

Continue to consider purchasing property adjacent to and for expansion of the city hall complex and community center.

Consider a state-of-the-art Christmas display for the community pond park that can be advertised statewide for visitor attraction.