Friday, February 03, 2012

TOP STORY >> Pet group takes dogs from state

Leader staff writer

Several dogs at the Cabot Animal Shelter and the Beebe Animal Control shelter were given a second chance to find new homes in New York Last weekend.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals had 22 dogs transported to Pets Alive Westchester in Elmsford, N.Y., a no-kill animal shelter, from JP Ranch and Rescue in Atkins after the rescue organization was forced to close because the founder has a terminal illness.

With the transport vehicle only half-full of dogs from the Atkins shelter, Pets Alive reached out to other area rescue groups and pulled 39 dogs from animal shelters. The Cabot Animal Shelter had 11 dogs and Beebe Animal Control had nine dogs taking the trip to New York.

Cabot Animal Shelter manager Jason Ellerbee said the dogs that were transported from the Cabot shelter had been there longer than other dogs and were less likely to find a home. He said some of them included a cattle dog, a couple of labs and Chihuahua-mix.

Ellerbee said many of the animals are picked up by rescue organizations, and no taxpayer money is spent on feed and veterinary care.

“We take the best possible care of the animals, providing vaccinations and deworming. It makes it easier for the rescue groups,” Ellerbee said.

“It is a positive all the way around. Rescue groups guarantee not to euthanize an animal unless it has a health condition,” he said.

At the Beebe shelter most of the dogs pulled for Pets Alive were full grown and all were neutered. Some of the dogs had been at the shelter for several weeks. One was there since November.

“It keeps us from having to put any down,” Beebe Animal Control officer Horace Taylor, said. In December, 53 dogs were taken from JP Ranch and Rescue to Pets Alive. Of those 53, 42 now have homes. The ASPCA funded testing, vaccinations, heartworm medications, flea treatments, worming, health exams and transportation of the dogs.