Wednesday, March 28, 2012

EDITORIAL >> Please help

A community is defined by how it comes through tragedy, and Jacksonville has suffered a tremendous tragedy this past week with six deaths — all unwarranted, all preventable, all painful.

No one can turn back the clock, but we can go forward, join hands and bring about healing by helping all those involved.

First is a proper burial for the five fire victims — a young mother and her four children; then support for the grieving father and the families of our fallen firefighter and the police officer and firefighter still in the hospital, facing long recoveries.

Say prayers, and to put it bluntly, send money.

An account for the Beavers-Singleton family has been established at Regions Bank.

For the fallen firefighter, Capt. Donald Jones, and his injured first responders, firefighter Jason Bowmaster and police officer Daniel DiMatteo, an account has been set up at Arvest Bank.

“This is an another opportunity for our community to show their deep compassion,” Jacksonville Mayor Gary Fletcher said.

We agree.