Friday, June 15, 2012

SPORTS STORY >> Sharks dominate Conway, Bryant

Leader sportswriter

The Sherwood Sharks opened the 2012 Central Arkansas Swim League season with another dominating performance when they hosted Conway and Saline County last Saturday at the Harmon Pool complex.

The Sharks started defense of their eight-consecutive CASL swim titles with 787 total points, while Saline County finished with 315 points and 113 for the upstart Conway Crocs.

Michael Potts won the 6-under freestyle gold division as well as the backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Joshua Reynolds won the bronze division backstroke.

Dillon Wood, Joshua Robinson and Blane Godbee swept the 7-8 freestyle while Madelynn Morrow won the girls 6-under freestyle bronze division and the gold division backstroke while Lorien McCulloch won the silver division. Wood also won the silver division backstroke and breaststroke and gold butterfly while Brock Godbee won the 7-8 bronze division backstroke and Morrow won the girls 6-under gold breaststroke. Blane Godbee won the bronze-division butterfly in the boys’ 7-8 bracket. Morrow also won the silver-division butterfly.

In the girls’ 7-8 freestyle, it was Alyssa Riley winning the gold division while Amelia Allgood and Pierson Richart took the silver and bronze division wins. Allgood also took the silver-division win in the 7-8 backstroke and Michele Potts took the bronze division and won the silver-division breaststroke. Richart Person won the bronze-division breaststroke in the girls’ 7-8 bracket. Riley won the 7-8 butterfly in the gold division.

Joseph Potts won the gold division freestyle for the 9-10age bracket. Potts also won the gold-division backstroke and butterfly.

Nicholas Heye won the boys 9-10 breaststroke in the silver division while Tristen Bowen won gold in the 11-12 bracket. Carson Traylor won the bronze division in that age bracket, while Alaya Smith won gold in the girls 9-10 breaststroke and Adrienne Robinson won the silver division. Maycee Broadway made it a clean sweep for the Sharks by winning the bronze division.

Brendan Daugherty won the 11-12 boys freestyle, butterfly and backstroke events in the gold division, while Tristen Bowen won the silver division and John Kennedy the bronze. Bowen also won the silver division of the boys’ 11-12 butterfly. Anna Jaworski won the gold level freestyle and butterfly events in the girls’ 9-10 bracket, while Dena Hallum won the silver division and Maycee Broadway took the bronze win.

Brianna Hanley won the girls 11-12 freestyle in the silver division and advanced to gold, and also won the silver breaststroke while Thomas Heye won the gold division freestyle in the boys’ 13-14 bracket. Heye also won the gold-division in the backstroke and breaststroke.

Ian Heye won the backstroke in the silver division for 11-12 and Adrienne Robinson won the silver-division 9-10 backstroke and butterfly. Alaya Smith won the bronze-division butterfly in the girls’ 9-10 bracket. Regan Riley won the girls 9-10 butterfly in the silver division while Savannah Scott won the bronze division.

Cory Tessman won the girls 11-12 silver-division backstroke while Kel Gist won the silver division backstroke in the boys’ 13-14 bracket. Austin Clay made a big jump from bronze to gold when he won the 15-18 backstroke with a time of 32.63.

Delaney Haralson won the gold-division backstroke in the girls 13-14 age bracket, and also took the gold breaststroke and butterfly events. Jillian Barber won the silver-division breaststroke for the 13-14 girls bracket and Megan Richardson took the bronze. Barber also won butterfly for the silver division. Haley Steele won the girls 15-18 breaststroke in the silver division while Taylor Carr won the bronze division.

In the boys’ 15-18 freestyle, it was Quanderrius Doss winning in the gold division while Liam Randleas won the silver division and Austin Clay won the bronze division. Doss also won the gold-division butterfly while Clay took the bronze-division. Maddie Ragan won the girls 13-14 freestyle silver division and Kimmie Croson won the 15-18 gold freestyle event. Taylor Carr won the silver division freestyle and backstroke events. Gabriel Kerr won the boys 13-14 silver-division breaststroke and D Lo Chism won the gold-division breaststroke in the 15-18 bracket.