Tuesday, June 19, 2012

TOP STORY >> Cabot heroes honored

Leader staff writer

David and Sonya Stratton were saluted with the first Cabot Heroes award at Monday night’s city council meeting. Their actions are credited with saving the life of 7-year-old Brandon Waters after he was struck by a pickup on Easter while leaving church with his parents.

The Strattons are respiratory therapists who work at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. David works on Angel One, the emergency-transport helicopter, and along with her other duties, Sonya teaches CPR.

They posed for pictures with Mayor Bill Cypert and the plaque he had made for them. Sonya Stratton told the mayor it was a nice thing to do.

The word “miracle” wasn’t the first thing they said when reporters asked for comments, but what they described has been called a miracle by many, including Braydon.

“He tells everybody he has something in common with Jesus,” said Braydon’s mother, Amy Waters. “He came back on Easter, too.”

The Strattons had just left the Church of Christ down the street from First Baptist Church when their 14-year-old son saw a pickup hit Braydon.

Jake Waters, Braydon’s father, said he and his family were crossing Hwy. 367 at Locust with several other families. They were in the center lane when Braydon took one more step and the truck hit him.

The impact knocked him 25 feet, broke his jaw and collar bone, knocked out five teeth and caused bleeding in his brain and lungs.

Sonya Stratton said she jumped out of the SUV and ran to help Braydon while her husband found a place to park.

He wasn’t breathing when she got to him and she started CPR. When her husband arrived, they took turns.

Paramedics arrived a short time later and Stratton said someone gave her an automated external defibrillator. She had the pads in place and was about to shock his heart, when, to her surprise, he started waving his arms, she said.

Was it just a coincidence that two people who knew how to save lives came so quickly to the aide of a little boy who needed their help?

Stratton hesitated with her response as if a little fearful that her answer might be ridiculed.

Then she said, “I’m a believer and I believe God put us there on that day at that time.”

Braydon was also at the council meeting, but the mayor couldn’t convince him to join the Strattons up front.

“I asked him if he would come up and tell us what grade he’s in and he said no,” the mayor said. “I asked him if he liked girls and he said no.”

Jake Waters said his son stayed at Children’s Hospital for six days. He doesn’t remember the accident or the first days afterward. But he healed without surgery.

“It all went back the way it’s supposed to be, the way God intended,” he said.