Wednesday, July 25, 2012

TOP STORY >> Homeless dog gets wheels

 Grimmy, a homeless dog that can’t walk, gets around in new wheels.

Leader staff writer

Grimmy, a homeless dog at the Cabot Animal Shelter got a new set of wheels last week.

Grimmy arrived at the shelter in sad shape. The 2-year-old Shih Tzu mix was brought in by a resident several weeks ago, according to shelter manager Jason Ellerbee.

The dog couldn’t walk and had terribly long matted hair. It’s believed Grimmy was hit by a car, he said.

Grimmy was taken to Pallone Veterinary Hospital in Rose Bud for X-rays. He was found to have a fractured rear hip.

Grimmy returned to the animal shelter to recuperate. After six weeks, Grimmy’s condition has not improved.

He doesn’t wag his tail either. His back leg muscles have wasted away.

Many dogs brought to the shelter with serious medical problems would be put down, but not Grimmy. He has the spirit and vigor to keep on going, Ellerbee noted.

Animal control officers have been giving Grimmy water rehabilitation therapy in a sink at the shelter to try and strengthen the dog’s rear leg muscles.

“He is a happy outgoing dog. He just wants to go, even with his two feet. Since he showed desire, we ordered a wheelchair since he can’t use his back legs,” Ellerbee said.

Ellerbee contacted K9 Carts in Washington state. After hearing about Grimmy, the company donated and shipped a wheeled harness for him.

When he’s strapped into the cart Grimmy zips around the animal shelter.

He placed in the cart for about an hour until he tires and slows down.

When Grimmy is taken outside, animal control officers have to use a leash. He’ll outrun them.

The Cabot shelter is going to monitor Grimmy for a few weeks to see how well he adapts to the wheeled cart.

“We hope to find Grimmy a good home, conducive for him to live in,” Ellerbee said.

Cabot Future Farmers of America will hold a dog dip from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday at the Farmers Association.

Each dog will be dipped for a $5 donation.

The Cabot animal shelter will hold a $5 neutering clinic for male cats only on Tuesday, Aug. 28.

To sign up, stop by the animal shelter, said Ellerbee.

There are 25 slots left.

Up to four male cats per household will be allowed.