Friday, September 28, 2012

TOP STORY >> Sherwood website is redirected by hacker

Leader staff writer

People trying to click on to the Sherwood city website Tuesday night got an anti-American message that said Muslims weren’t through with America yet.

Mayor Virginia Hillman got a call from a concerned resident about 9 p.m. Tuesday. She called the city’s technology chief, Casey Worrell, and he had the situation fixed in about two hours.

It was not the first time the city had problems with its computer operations. In July 2009, after Eagle Bank notified city officials in December 2008, the FBI began investigating the theft of $219,913 in municipal funds taken from the city’s checking account through an unauthorized online electronic transfer. Apparently the money was funneled through a number of accounts across the country and into Russia.

It was the first time the city had experienced unauthorized accessing of the city’s checking account via the Internet.

This time the mayor said the city website was not hacked and never in jeopardy.

“People were being redirected to the other site,” she said, “and unfortunately it happens a lot.”

People trying to reach the Sherwood website while it was under the control of the Slyhacker got the message:

“To U.S., Israel, France and all Muslim enemies: The shame you are doing to Muslims is never going to be forgotten. How can you even think talking about our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.V.)? You don’t know what a Muslim is able to do yet, Damn you. We will never let you humiliate or tease the Muslims!!”In response, city officials analyzed the city’s security system to its financial network. Additional safeguards and protections were implemented.

According to information on the Internet, the individual or group is known as Slyhacker and has “hacked or redirected thousands of sites, including numerous Israeli sites, 75 Mexican state sites and even Lady Gaga’s fan site.”