Saturday, March 09, 2013

TOP STORY >> Beebe High School goes ‘Footloose’

Leader staff writer

The Beebe High School theater will perform the musical “Footloose” at 7 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday in the auditorium.

Tickets are $5 for adults and $4 for students.

“Footloose” is the story of high school student Ren McCormack.

He moves from Chicago to the small farming town of Bomont.

Ren is prepared for his new high school, but not for the strict local laws.

The local city council members and preacher, who lost his son in a tragic accident, have banned loud music and dancing.

While Rev. Shaw Moore tries to control the town’s youth, he cannot control his own teenage daughter, Ariel.

Ariel sets her sights on Ren, but many townspeople believe the worst about the new kid. Ren falls in love and decides to shake up the town by bringing dancing back into the community.

Theater teacher Dianne Ingle said, “‘Footloose’ celebrates the wisdom of listening to young people, guiding them with a warm heart and an open mind.”

The cast of “Footloose” includes Josh Graves as Ren McCormack, Sonja Wagner as Ethel McCormack, Casey Jackson as Rev. Shaw Moore, Justine Damon as Vi Moore, Ashley Gentry as Ariel Moore, Sierra Woods as Lulu Warnicker, Tyler Spears as Wes Warnicker and Bickle, Ryan Coleman as Coach Roger Dunbar and Gracie Villicana as Eleanor Dunbar.

Also performing in the show are Cheyenne Gibbs as Rusty, Dani Peterson as Urleen, Patty Wells as Wendy Jo, Jake Peterson as Chuck Cranston, Dillon Ratz as Lyle, Levi Smith as Travis, Bill Nance as Cop, Leann Pullan as Betty Blast, Lane Hancock as Willard Hewitt, Danielle Spence as Principal Clark, Keith Turner as Cowboy Bob and Neil Garcia as Garvin.

The staff is comprised of Neil Garcia, Kassidy Ratz, Casey Henderson, Shawna Smith, Peyton Bell, Brianna Thomas, Raissa Silva, Gracia Villicana, Justine Damron, Danielle Spence, Leann Pullan, Sierra Woods and Sonja Wagner.

Technical crew members are choreographer Stefanie Harris, music director Cindy Joslin, student musical director Jake Peterson, scene director Dianne Ingle, sound director Chuck Ward, stage manager Ryan Coleman and technical crew members Jared Smith, Christian Beam, Kaitlyn Uribe, Rose Thomas and Brianna Farmer.