Wednesday, May 29, 2013

TOP STORY >> Sheriff Staley's teamwork recognized by city department

Leader staff writer

Two of the most recent press releases from the Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office give credit to city departments in Cabot for their assistance in solving four residential burglaries, a sign to anyone who has watched the interaction between the county and city that something has changed.

“I think everyone is working well together, especially since John took over,” Sgt. Keith Graham of the Cabot Police Department said about the subtle differences in the way the sheriff’s office announces its successes since John Staley took office in January.

“I think everyone is trying to do their best for the citizens of Lonoke County.”

To be clear, the sheriff’s office has always worked with the various city police departments. And the dive team from Cabot that recently recovered a stolen safe from a murky bayou is actually equipped by the county. So collaboration between the sheriff’s office and other agencies is not new.  It’s the improved relationship and the reporting that is different.

Lt. Jim Kulesa, spokesman for the sheriff’s office, said he and the sheriff believe in giving credit where it is due.

Staley, who was on patrol when The Leader contacted him Tuesday morning, said he was working with the police departments from Ward and Austin on another case and expected it to be solved shortly.

“Our goal is to let everybody participate,” Staley said. “We’re all a team right now and we want to keep it that way.”

Kulesa reported in his most recent press release that the sheriff’s office has recovered more missing property from burglaries near the Confederate Cemetery including old coins  and jewelry. Six firearms, a laptop computer and more jewelry are still missing.

The first report said the Cabot dive team recovered a stolen safe taken during the burglaries.

Both reports gave credit to Cabot police detectives and the dive team for their assistance in the investigation.

Staley said Tuesday that at least two juveniles and one 18-year-old boy will likely be arrested for the burglaries but right now, the goal is to recover the stolen property.