Tuesday, February 25, 2014

TOP STORY >> Candidates submit papers for election

Mostly Lonoke County incumbents, but a few hopefuls who are making some races competitive, filed Monday to be placed on the ballot ahead of the primary election in May and November’s general election.

Candidates have until Monday to file. Three political parties will be represented on the Lonoke County ballot: Republican, Democratic and— for the first time — a Libertarian candidate.

Lonoke County Clerk Larry Clarke said, “It went smooth. We got them in and out. It looks like a Republican ballot again, very few Democrats have signed up.”


House Dist. 13

Rep. David Hillman* (D-Almyra)

House Dist. 14

Republicans Trent Eilts and Buddy Fisher

Democrat Camille Bennett

House Dist. 41

Justice Karilyn Brown

Alan L. Pogue, both Republicans

Democrat Danny Knight.

House Dist. 43

Tim Lemons and Darlene Byrd, both Republicans

House Dist. 44

Rep. Joe Farrer* (R-Austin)

Circuit Judge Dist. 23

Barbara Elmore, Divison 1,

Larry Cook and Ashley Parker, Division 2

Sandy Huckabee*, Division 3.


John Staley* (R-Ward)

Stephen Finch (R-Lonoke)


Mark Thomas* (R-Lonoke)

Linda Meadows (R -Ward)


Chuck Graham*

County Judge

Doug Erwin* (R-Austin)

Circuit Clerk

Deborah Oglesby* (R- Cabot)

County Clerk

Larry Clarke* (R-Cabot)


Patti Weathers* (R-Cabot)

Tax Assessor

Jerrel Maxwell (R-Cabot)

J.P. Dist. 2

B.J. Weathers* (R-Ward)

Christian Parks (L-Ward)

J.P. Dist. 3

Henry Lang* (R-Cabot)

J.P. Dist. 5

Adam Justice (R-Lonoke)

J.P. Dist. 6

Lee Linville* (R-Austin)

Jerry Cole (R-Cabot)

J.P. Dist. 7

Dan Stowers (D-Lonoke)

J.P. Dist. 8

Bryson Harpole (R-Ward)

Tate House (R-Ward)

Mayor of Lonoke

Wayne McGee* (D)

Jim Bailey (R)

Lonoke treasurer

Phillip Howell (D)

Lonoke alderman Ward 1

Jane Derning* (D)

Lonoke alderman Ward 4

Larry Clark (R)

Wendell Walker* (D)


County Judge

Barry Hyde (D-North Little Rock)

Tax Assessor

Janet Ward (D-North Little Rock)

Circuit Court Clerk

Larry Crane* (D-Little Rock)


Doc Holladay* (D-Little Rock)


Debra Buckner* (D-North Little Rock)

House Dist. 40

Rep. Douglas House (R-North Little Rock)

J.P. Dist. 11

Sandra Prater (D-Jacksonville)

(* indicates an incumbent)