Saturday, May 03, 2014

TOP STORY >> She hopes to win handicap van

Tonya Lovercheck, 40, of Jacksonville is competing to win a handicap-accessible van after a November 2011 car crash left her with limited use of her hands and arms and no use of her legs.

The Jacksonville High School graduate’s neck was broken and her spinal cord was injured at cervical levels 5, 6 and 7 in a one-vehicle rollover accident on Dick Jeter Road between North Little Rock and Jacksonville.

Lovercheck is now a resident of Woodland Hills Nursing and Rehab.

Her sister, Brandy Robin-son of Cabot, recently entered her in the contest for the van.

Robinson said, “She relies on others to do many of the basic things we take for granted each day.

“I created a Facebook page for her and hundreds joined, praying and seeking updates on her progress. Her story was shared by many, and people she didn’t even know visited her in the hospital. Hundreds have been inspired by her positive attitude and the bravery she has shown despite her circumstances,” she said.

“Tonya has two beautiful daughters, ages 16 and 5, and she is missing out on so much by not having transportation. She is unable to attend school functions, softball games or simply go out with them to eat, all because of her disability,” Robinson added.

The girls live with their father, and Tonya does not get to see them unless they are brought to her at the nursing home. Robinson said that environment is not where the girls and their mother can best enjoy their limited time together.

“A new van would help Tonya more than words could ever say. She would have the capability to spend precious time with her children — time she cannot get back. She would have a way to get out of the nursing home and see the world around her. My beautiful sister deserves to have a fulfilling life, one she can enjoy outside of the walls of her nursing facility,” Robinson said.

“The van would be a reliable source of transportation for her to be able to attend both of her daughters’ school events, softball games and more.”

About the contest, Robinson explained, “You simply connect through Facebook and on the website.

“You don’t have to create an account. Please share this with everyone you know. This is a daily voting contest so vote every day and help Tonya get this new van so she can experience life to the fullest. Also, if you have more than one e-mail address, you can vote once each day from each of them,” she said.

The ways to connect are or