Tuesday, September 02, 2014

TOP STORY >> Bomb threat at CJHS

Leader staff writer

Cabot Junior High South was put on lockdown on Tuesday after the school received a bomb threat.

According to the Cabot School District’s website, the office staff at the school received a call before noon from an individual who said a bomb was placed in or near the school.

Junior High South was placed on lockdown for less than an hour. The school has 805 seventh- and eighth-grade students.

The Cabot Police Department responded to the threat. Officers searched the building, found nothing and cleared the building.

Detectives are investigating the threat.

Students resumed to their day with a regular lunch period and school went back to its regular class schedule.

Superintendent Tony Thurman said this was first threat at a school in the district this year. No threats were made last year.

“It has been quite some time since we’ve had this type of threat communicated via a phone call,” Thurman said.

“We can learn from every situation,” the superintendent said. “Our first priority was making sure our students and staff were safe.”

“Anyone with information regarding the threat should report it to the Cabot Police Department or school district administration,” Thurman said.

“We will not tolerate anyone making threats against our students or staff. Any student involved in making or being involved with making threats will not only be prosecuted but will be immediately recommended for expulsion from the district,” Thurman said.