Friday, June 05, 2015

EDITORIAL >> Chambers closes

Chambers Grill, a long-time Jacksonville fixture in the pharmacy that anchored it, Chambers Drugs, closed yesterday. It was a favorite spot of regulars for years for grilled-cheese sandwiches served with pickles and tasty hamburgers served with their signature French fries.

The place was old-fashioned America that’s getting harder to find these days. Ron Lukas, the longtime pharmacist who retired recently, filled prescriptions six days a week.

We remember picking up sandwiches and pickles from the old-time diner on deadline days.

But, with all that, the diner was a place of great conviviality, with diners from all walks of life hobnobbing often with city officials and local businessmen who wanted to grab a hot lunch or a cold sandwich instead of fast food.

Recently, grill cook Charles Lyons had taken to baking cinnamon rolls and an assortment of holiday breads and daily bread, 60 or 70 loaves at a time.