Wednesday, June 17, 2015

EDITORIAL >> Fireworks ban

The Cabot City Council voted Monday to keep the city’s ban on fireworks after hearing from residents who opposed the proposal, which would have allowed fireworks for a few days around July 4th and on New Year’s Eve.

The police department had hoped to overturn the ban because it’s too short-handed to have its officers respond to complaints about fireworks. It’s also a waste of money and time.

Residents who value their peace and quiet hope that by keeping the ban it will discourage some people from shooting fireworks or at least encourage a level of moderation.

As another Independence Day approaches, fireworks tents are beginning to pop up. Soon patriotic residents will be letting bottle rockets fly to the annoyance of some of their neighbors despite the ban.

Jacksonville allows fireworks if residents obtain a free permit. It was a smart plan that was also intended to end the cat-and-mouse game that police officers have to play every Fourth. The only problem is almost no one has applied for permits, and the city’s 911 center is still inundated with calls about fireworks.

Some will ask, what good are fireworks if they don’t have a bang? But in the interest of communal harmony, may we suggest some less noisy classics: Sparklers, Roman candles, hens laying eggs, snakes, flowers and TNT poppers.