Tuesday, June 09, 2015

EDITORIAL >> Flix on the Bricks pure movie magic

The Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce’s new outdoor movie program called Flix on the Bricks at the Nixon Library pavilion started on Friday and attracted more than 60 people to see “Rio.”

A different movie will be shown at sunset every month: “Red Tails” on July 9, “Marley & Me” on Aug. 6, “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” on Sept. 10, and “It’s a Wonderful Life” in December after the Christmas parade.

It’s the kind of community activities Jacksonville needs more of.

In an email, chamber president Roger Sundermeier thanked the community for the big turnout. “With it being the first night of the series, it was very hard to know how many people to expect in attendance. I had resigned myself to the fact that any number above myself, Amy Mattison and Jinger Stewart was a success. Fortunately, we had over 60 people attend.

“If one more family stayed in our town that night because of what we did, then it’s a start. We have to lay the foundation one brick at a time. We had two families say that they had no idea that these types of things were available. We definitely made some strides last Friday,” he continued.

We give it two thumbs up, as another Roger might have put it.