Tuesday, September 08, 2015

TOP STORY >> Video startup hopes to take off

Lida Feller plays with Annabelle, a dog adopted from the Jacksonville shelter after this photo was taken. Making videos to showcase rescue dogs led to her passion for the hobby she hopes will become a business.
Leader staff writer

One Jacksonville woman is hoping to turn the hobby she’s passionate about into a business, RoseMarie Video Creations.

The venture is named for owner Lida Feller’s mother, who passed away in 2000.

Feller told The Leader it all began when, three years ago, she offered to help the city’s animal shelter and a dog rescue group in Beebe create videos of adoptable pets to post online.

She uses her Cannon camera to film events.

Feller explained how shelters and rescues usually post photos and short descriptions potential families can quickly click through.

“Put it into a slideshow, a video show, with music, which catches, you know they see the different things and — by the time they get done with that — they’re going to fall in love with that dog.”

People who saw the videos began to ask if she would film or make a slideshow for them.

Feller said RoseMarie Video Creations would offer “anything that someone’s imagination can go with that has the pictures.”

The owner explained, “Whatever the person wants to give to create a video, you can pretty much do it.”

She also said she uses several different software programs and compared the process to an assembly line, putting the pieces together one after the other.

One idea Feller said she’s likely to pursue is creating videos of loved ones, like moms and dads saying encouraging words their children can listen to after the parents have passed away.

The startup’s prices will be flexible, based on each project, and below the going rate she found of $125 for a video with 25 to 30 pictures, the owner continued. “That’s crazy…(Mine will be) $45 at the most,” Feller said.

Also, $10 of her fee will go to help a homeless pet at the shelter find his or her forever home. And, later, a photo of businesses owners who make a $30 donation to the shelter will appear in a video on the startup’s Facebook page, alongside a photo of the pet they sponsored.

Feller said she likes making videos because “the thing is, is that most videos you do show love. And it’s about love and kindness. And it’s something that the world needs more of.”

Feller added that a video is good when “it can make me cry because it touches me in a good way.” She also said, “I enjoy helping people.”

Already on the RoseMarie Video Creations team is her friend, account executive Nicole Ford, who is helping Feller get the business off the ground.

If the business takes off, Feller said she would like to help the community by hiring those going through tough times and needing a job to make ends meet — single moms, struggling college students, etc. She is willing to teach them the trade.

Find Feller’s work under her name on Youtube or on the startup’s Facebook page.

For more information or to request a video or slideshow, call her at 501-766-5824.