Tuesday, February 02, 2016

EDITORIAL >> Time to build for a new era

Rebuilding in the Jacksonville-North Pulaski School District has to start now.

As Jacksonville-area voters decide on a 7.6 millage increase, some residents have argued that rebuilding dilapidated facilities shouldn’t start with a $60 million high school – that the middle school should go first or maybe go with two new elementary schools.

All have valid points and all will have to be addressed, but a new high school near downtown is a must. Remember, the district’s newest school is nearly old enough to collect Social Security.

Cities love to focus life around their high schools, the football teams and mascots. Building a shining “jewel” just off Hwy. 67/167 would certainly bring a sparkle to Jacksonville.

The middle school is where the test scores are consistently the lowest and a new facility could bring with it a new attitude. Rebuilding North Pulaski High School into a new middle school will be another jewel for the district.

The new district has decided to start with the high school – an excellent choice. The rest will follow, if you vote “Yes.”

Jacksonville has always been a naysayer to the Pulaski County Special School District’s desires to raise taxes because PCSSD showed no effort in bringing quality buildings or education to Jacksonville.

The new district and its leaders deserve a chance to start to right decades of wrongs.

This millage increase needs to pass.

Vote Yes on Tuesday and help the district move forward.