Friday, July 15, 2016

EDITORIAL >> Another act of terrorism

It’s becoming an almost weekly routine for us. Commenting on the latest terrorist attack: San Bernardino, Charleston, S.C., Orlando, Dallas, where 10 days ago a sniper shot and killed five police officers. Exactly a week later, at least 84 revelers enjoying the Bastille Day fireworks in France were run down and killed by a maniac in a rented 20-ton truck.

The victims of Thursday night’s terrorism in Nice included Sean Copeland, 51, and his 11-year-old son Brodie from Texas who were vacationing in Europe with their families. Brodie’s mother and brother and sister survived. Brodie played youth baseball. A picture shows him holding a baseball and a trophy and reminds you of every 11-year-old who has played baseball.

At least 10 children perished in the attack and as many as 50 youngsters and 152 others are wounded. “Nobody in the way stood a chance,” one eyewitness said.

The terrorist was identified as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, 31, a delivery-truck driver born in Tunisia. We don’t know yet if he was affiliated with ISIS or acting alone. He was a Moslem, but according to a cousin of Bouhlel’s wife, ‘Bouhlel was not religious. He did not go to the mosque, he did not pray, he did not observe Ramadan.”
What’s worse, “He drank alcohol, ate pork and took drugs. This is all forbidden under Islam. He was not a Muslim, he was a s***. He beat his wife, my cousin, he was a nasty piece of work.”

His neighbors feared him and kept their children away. But how do you predict when a borderline personality goes over the edge and decides to become a mass murderer? France will put thousands more police officers on the street and watch potential troublemakers more closely and perhaps barricade more streets near public events. See the entrance to Little Rock Air Force Base.