Friday, December 09, 2016

EDITORIAL >> Time to winterize

What a coincidence. The coldest weather in almost a year hits the state right in the middle of Winter Weather Awareness Week (Dec. 4-9).

The National Weather Service says “the purpose of this week is to remind people what winter weather can bring, and how to deal with hazardous winter conditions.” The freezing temperatures, patches of light ice and even an errant snowflake or two Thursday and Friday could definitely put an exclamation point on that. So now that your attention is on the weather, lets talk about preparation and planning for winter weather.

Although some winter storms develop quickly and with short notice, most events can be planned for.

At home, the primary concerns are for the potential loss of power, heat and telephone service. Food supplies may also run low if conditions persist for several days. Some items that should be readily available around the home before the onset of winter weather include extra food and water, canned goods, a flashlight with extra batteries, first aid supplies and extra medicine, extra baby items, extra blankets and a battery powered weather radio.

Take this time to get ready and, above all, when winter weather hits, check on neighbors, friends and pets. They’ll be glad you did.