Friday, December 30, 2016

EDITORIAL >> Resolutions by the book

Need something different to motivate and push forward resolutions for 2017?

Why not try looking at the 101 Best Book Titles of All Time on the Internet for some inspiration?

There is “People Who Eat Darkness” by Richard Lloyd Parry. Resolution? Simple. Avoid these people. In 2017, avoid pessimistic, woe-is-me the-world-is-ending kind of people.

Next, “Barbarians at the Gate,” by Bryan Burroughs and John Helyer. Resolution? Simple, don’t open the gate or the door to people or things you don’t trust or don’t know.

Followed by, “Hot, Flat and Crowded,” by Thomas L. Friedman. Resolution? Get out. Go smell the roses, watch kids play, follow a butterfly, walk through some sprinkles. Take a break from the flat, hot and crowded routine.

Another good title is “Something of Value,” by Robert Ruark. Resolution? Find something of value in everything and everyone. If you can’t, don’t do it or don’t hang out with them.

Or, “Looking for Mr. Goodbar,” by Judith Rossner. Chocolate should not consume your life, but during your life you need to consume some chocolate.

Finally, “The Five People You Meet in Heaven,” by Mitch Albiom. Is that our final resolution? To meet people in heaven as a permanent resident and not as a passerby.