Friday, January 13, 2017

TOP STORY >> Dog shot in Cabot after hit by vehicle

Leader staff writer

A Cabot woman filed a cruelty to animal-creulty report Jan. 9 after her dog was shot and killed on West Main Street.

The city’s animal services department believes the dog was likely shot to end its suffering after being hit by a vehicle.

Animal services director Mike Wheeler told The Leader, “In the last seven years there have been two reported dog shootings. One was self-defense and the other was euthanasia. This appears to be a humane euthanasia of an injured animal, a form of euthanasia recognized by the state.”

According to the report, police were called at 7:40 p.m. Jan. 9 to 14 Oak Brook Drive about a dog that was shot.

Sissy Delozier, its owner, told police her husband called and said her three dogs had gotten out. Two of the dogs returned and one had injuries to its back legs.

She said she found her chow chow on the side of the road in the ditch at a neighbor’s house at 3600 W. Main St. She had her husband pick up the dog. They then realized the dog had been shot.

Police photographed both dogs. The dead dog also had a broken leg.

A neighbor said she had heard a dog yelping. She saw a man, who had been driving a white truck, dragging a dog off the road. The neighbor said she did not hear any gunshots. The dog was valued at $2,800.

An animal control officer was called to the scene. In his report, he said he examined the dog and determined it had broken legs and other injuries that occurred before death, possibly due to being hit by a vehicle. The gunshot was a single shot to the head. The officer informed the owner of his findings.