Friday, May 26, 2017

TOP STORY >> Churches help vets memorial

Leader staff writer

The Beebe Ministerial Alliance and First Baptist Church of Beebe gave the city $2,000 at the city council meeting on Monday to repair the Veterans Memorial on West Dewitt Henry Drive.

High winds from a March thunderstorm toppled and broke two stone monuments.

The monoliths were etched with the names of local veterans who served in the military.

“We were saddened to hear of the destruction of the Veterans Memorial, and we wanted to make a contribution to rebuild the memorial,” said Ministerial Alliance president First Baptist Church Pastor Bob Hall.

Mayor Mike Robertson said the estimate for the new monuments is $16,000.

Parks director Lynn Hatcher spoke about $3,400 improvements at the parks.

Lunnie Park basketball court will be resurfaced and have two new goals. The Idaho Street park will have its half-court resurfaced and a basketball rim installed.

Fireman’s Park will be updated for younger children. Three basketball goals will be lowered to six feet.

“We don’t have anything for the little fellows to get started on the basketball court,” Hatcher said.

Fireman’s Park has a small play structure for the little kids. The mayor wants the park for children and their parents. It is often used for birthday parties. He said young adults use inappropriate language around children. Graffiti is written on the tables and trash is left on the ground. They can use the other parks that are more closely monitored.

The council passed a resolution to condemn the struc ture at 503 E. Oklahoma St. Code-enforcement officer Milton McCullar said no work was done to the house after a notice was issued to conform to code.

The council approved a moratorium on the condemnation of 103 N. Main St. New Life Church purchased the property and agreed to bring the building up to code within six months.

Aldermen approved the police department to purchase four used 2013 Dodge Charger police cars for $51,000 from the state of Missouri. They will replace aging police vehicles.