Tuesday, November 21, 2017

EDITORIAL >> Thanksgiving wishes to all

This Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, every one of us will have the God-given gift of 86,400 seconds to use as we choose.

Granted, a large portion of it will be idled away moaning, groaning, yelling and cheering at football players on the television screen and some of that time will disappear with us gobbling up turkey or ham with loads of sides and pies. And, of course, the obligatory nap.

But that will still give us plenty of time to say thank you to those near and dear and those far away that we may not even know personally.

Let’s start with the military. The men and women in Afghanistan and Middle Eastern countries defending our right to watch the Cowboys and Chargers go at it for three hours on a Thursday. Some of them may not get a turkey dinner of any kind and yet some of them may not even make it through the day.

To every current and former member of the Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy and Coast Guard – Thank you.

Close to home, a special thank you to the police, whose jobs unfortunately have become deadlier over the past few years, for protecting our streets, homes, property and us. Likewise, to the firefighters we don’t usually see unless there’s a fire or accident, and then we are so grateful for their presence, action and aid.

Let’s give thanks to the teachers who work hard to educate children in a world that offers very few rewards for the teachers, who often have to buy supplies for their students but don’t get to write off the expense on their tax returns.

To city officials for doing what they think is best for the city and accepting the criticism when the masses think they are wrong, and getting very little praise when it turns out they are right.

Very importantly, give thanks to mom and dad, whether they are with us or not, as they helped shape us into who we are today. Who doesn’t say something, do something or stand in a certain way, and go “oh my, that’s my mother coming out in me.” Thank you, mom and dad.

Be thankful for each other and for neighbors, friends and other family members. Be thankful for that weird uncle whose unique adventures are retold around the Thanksgiving table every year.

Be thankful for you…that you are alive to use these 86,400 seconds on Thanksgiving to reflect on where we’ve been, where we are and how we can be in the future.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!