Friday, October 26, 2012

EDITORIAL >> Hurting Jacksonville

In 25 years, The Leader has never endorsed a local candidate and it won’t start now, but we will ask Jacksonville residents what kind of person they want on the council.

Does the city want someone who has at least two criminal convictions that shows, at a minimum, he makes poor choices and has a bad temper?

Do residents want an alderman on the council who has sued the city before and called the mayor, chief of police and other city officials a variety of unprintable names?

Do residents want an aldermen who has made it clear that every time he got arrested the city police were lying?

Does the city need an aldermen who claims to have a college degree, but no one at the college ever heard of him or can verify that he has a degree?

Does Jacksonville need an alderman who verbally abuses a 79-year-old widow who is out in the weather supporting her son’s efforts to stay on the council?

Or a council member who screams at voters that his opponent wears Confederate clothing?

Do residents want an alderman who uses newspaper photos out of context for his own gain?

Does Jacksonville need an alderman who implies that when anything doesn’t go his way, it’s someone else’s fault?

Or one who likes to play the victim card at almost every event?

Does the city want an aldermen being sponsored by disgruntled people who are still mad over annexation? The north corridor annexation will not be reversed by this candidate.

If this is what Jacksonville residents want on the city council, then go ahead and vote for this candidate.

But it is our strong belief that city residents are much too savvy to mark the ballot for him.