Tuesday, October 23, 2012

TOP STORY >> No TB outbreak in Lonoke jail

Despite about a dozen positive tuberculosis skin tests last week at the Lonoke County Jail, subsequent testing has found no active cases, Arkansas Health Department Public Information Officer Ed Barham said Tuesday.

It was discovered “during a routine screen in which some people had positive skin tests,” Barham said. “It’s gotten a little out of proportion.”

“There are no suspected or active cases in the jail,” he said.

“We looked at those with positive skin tests and all had negative chest x-rays and negative sputum tests,” he said.

“We will continue to complete the routine screening.

There is no cause for public concern or for concern for inmates and family members,” he said.

TB is a very treatable illness now, he said. “This kind of thing can happen where you have a group of people in a small area,” said Lonoke County Sheriff Jim Roberson Tuesday.

“We get people in here with AIDS, hepatitis and everything else,” he said.

Barham said testing and follow up would continue until officials are certain there is no problem.