Friday, January 08, 2016

TOP STORY >> Son joins his father at clinic

Leader staff writer

Second-generation chiropractor Chad Bryant has joined his father, Tim, at Bryant Neck and Back Pain Center, 1014 W. Main St. in Cabot.

Chad, a 2008 Cabot High School graduate, earned his bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Arkansas in 2012. He graduated in 2015 from the Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, Kan.

He finished schooling early and shadowed his father until becoming licensed in December.

Chad, who is 26, grew up around chiropractics. His father started the business 27 years ago. Chad started working around the office as a seventh grader during the summers and continued on and off through college.

But, he said, he really became interested in chiropractics during college.

At his father’s office, he said, “I saw people come in limping with pain and leave a couple weeks later with less pain or no pain. I really liked that.

“I noticed, in college, students were getting sick. They would go to the health center and get a pill, and another if it did not work. I worked with Dad and thought there was another alternative,” Chad said.

Patients come to the family practice with headaches, neck pain, back pain and sciatica — pain affecting the large nerve that runs from the lower back down each leg.

Tim said anyone can benefit from a chiropractor, even if they aren’t in pain. Neck and back pain can occur to hairdressers who are standing all day. Computer users sitting behind a desk and truck drivers can experience issues. People who frequently look down at their smartphones can bring their necks out of position.

Chad said people seeking alleviation from back or neck pain have lingering effects from car wrecks and muscle tightness from high-impact jobs, such as construction or military activities, and even sports.

Neck and back pain can compound to cause headaches.

Chad said chiropractors can help pregnant women deal with the back pain from carrying the extra weight and pressure on their spines.

He said children can also benefit from chiropractics.

Chad uses his hands and noninvasive technology to help correct alignment of the spine.

Bryant Neck and Back Pain Center offers physical therapy for the spine and massage therapy.

Tim is also able to perform acupuncture.

About working with his dad, Chad said, “Our personalities are similar. We can joke around and do not really get mad.

Tim said, “It is really cool. It is one of the greatest compliments that your child will follow in your footsteps in a profession. They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery.”