Friday, January 08, 2016

TOP STORY >> Thurman will build school in a village

Cabot School Superintendent Tony Thurman will travel to the Dominican Republic from Jan. 18-26 to build a new school as part of a program sponsored by Lifetouch Photography, a school-photo company.

It will be the fifth time the Lifetouch Memory Mission has served the mountainous farming community of Constanza, Dominican Republic.

Lifetouch “organizes the trip and invites school administrators, school board members, principals, other educators and PTA members to work alongside volunteers and Dominican nationals to build the school.”

Volunteers have already built an elementary school there, which serves hundreds of children who otherwise would not have received an education. They have also built a vocational school, providing a place for students to continue their education, offering greater opportunities for careers as adults.

Now, Thurman will be one of 52 volunteers who will begin construction on a new elementary school there.

The group will also visit with community members, interact with teachers and students. The Lifetouch Memory Mission started in 2000 and has rebuilt a village in Kosovo, repaired homes in Appalachia, established a children’s center in Jamaica, built a footbridge for students to walk to school in the land of the Navajo in Arizona and built 13 schools in Haiti and the Dominican Republic