Tuesday, March 07, 2017

TOP STORY >> ‘Legally Blonde’ this weekend at CHS

By JEFFREY SMITH Leader staff writer

Cabot High School is presenting the musical “Legally Blonde” at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday and at 2:30 p.m. Sunday. Tickets are $7 at the Cabot High Theater.

The musical is based on the movie. Elle Woods’ life is turned upside down when her boyfriend dumps her so he can get serious with life and attend Harvard Law School. Woods tries to win him back.

She uses her charm to get into Harvard Law School, overcomes struggles, discovers her potential and sets out to prove herself to the world.

The cast includes Kaylie Tuttle and Greer King as Elle Woods, Jordan Pogue as Emmett Forrester, Skyler Ward as Paulette Bonafonte, Brittin Sullivan as Warner Huntington, Avery Bruce as Brooke Wyndham, Sam Gibson as Professor Callahan, Elizabeth Ring as Vivienne Kensington, Brooklyn Jennings as Margot, Natalie Way as Serena, Sarah Mitchell and Kelsey Drees as Pilar, Nicole Vincent as Kate, Bailey Weathers as Gaelen, Rainey Ross as Tiffany, Mikee Olegario as Courtney, Payton King as Sandi, Lizzie Schaefer as Angel, Lauren Black as Enid.

David Nichols as Mr. Woods, Emily Freeman as Mrs. Woods, Bethie Butera as Chutney Wyndham, Harris Sutton as Kyle, Lane Burch-field as Winthrop, Autumne Kendricks as Judge, D.J. Boswell as Grandmaster Chad.

Easton Seidl and Dylan Smith as Dewey, Hope Henry as Whitney, Allyson Chandler as dress store manager, Caleigh Pickard and Ambrynne Ward as Kiki the colorist, Allison Snodgrass and Emma Carpenter as Padamadan, Spencer Thompson as Aaron, Austin Morse as Frat Tony, Cody Nabors as Frat Marcus, Seth Carter as Frat Vince.

Wyatt McMahan as Jet Blue pilot, Dylan Shumate as Lowell, Justin Ballard as Pforzheimer, Kaitlyn Follet as Salon Cat Lady, Alivia Butler as Oak Valley salesgirl, Klara McElroy as Harvard Feminist Society president, Lauren Devlin as TV Reporter 1, Morrigane Jones as TV Reporter 2, Autumn Klein as Dana prison inmate, Olivia Gardner as Courtroom Stenographer, Haley Cohea, Dana Sackwar and Tayler Stewart as salesgirls.

Spencer Snow as the Bailiff, Luke Falcinelli as the prison guard, David Nichols as Emmett Understudy, D.J. Boswell as Warner Understudy and Harris Sutton as Callahan Understudy.

Omigosh You Guys Delta Nu Sisters are Madi Schumacher, Autumn Klein, Carly Jones, Anna Sinclair, Braylin Powers, Gracie Morris, Amber Thomas, Gabbie Ware, Caroline Latture and Haley Cohea.

Finale of Omigosh, Daughters of Delta Nu Sorority Sisters are Dana Sackwar, Ashley Osburn, Jordan Spinks, Lauren Ballard, Kaycie Merrill, Madison Ransom, Karaline Fought, Mollie Jarnagin, Abigail Gaddis, Elizabeth Peebles, Halee Sanders, Hannah Scogin, Averie Jensen, Morgan Logue, Kaelyn Parker, Cambrie Wade, Ginaley Rogers, Alivia Butler, Haley Morris, Cheyenne Cozad, Jayden Shelton, Ashlee Hankins, Ashley Reider, Haley Cohea, Savannah Miller, Morrigane Jones, Carly Woods, Chandler Smith, Tayler Steward and Gracie Cox.

“What You Want” dance teams are Gracie Morris, Hannah Jones, Ashley Osburn, Carley Jones, Madi Schumacher, Mollie Jarnagin, Kesley Dress, Sarah Mitchell, Payton King, Lizzie Schaefer and Pamela Powell. Vocalists are Natalie Way, Rainey Ross, Nicole Vincent and Mikee Olegario.

“What You Want” cheer squad are Autumn Klein, Savannah Miller, Karaline Faught, Chandler Smith, Haley Morris and Brooklyn Jennings.

“Positive” Delta Nu featured dancers are Autumn Klein, Bailey Weathers, Mollie Jarnagin, Gracie Morris, Pamela Powell, Madison Schumacher and Maddie Coffer.

UCLA spring break frat boys are Austin Morse, Cody Nabors, Easton Seidl, Dylan Smith, C.J. Long, Justin Nabors, Wyatt McMahan Jarrod Barnes, Evan Hooper, Kale Eddington, Ryan Travis, Noah Sorrell, Landon Hagar, Conley Hillegas, Evan Hooper Luke Falcinelli and Ayden Shirley.

Harvard students and party-goers are Trinity Mize, Lauren Devlin, Allyson Chandler, D.J. Boswell, Meghan Hauritz, Nina Kramer, Emma Carpenter, Alex Bowles, Alexis Baker, Spencer Snow, Dylan Handy, Concera Davis, Kaitlyn Follett, Haleigh Geheb and Olivia Gardner.

UCLA spring break sorority girls are Alivia Butler, Cambrie Wade, Kaelyn Parker, Gracie Cox, Mallory Kinsey, Morgan Logue, Ginaley Rogers and Avery Jensen.

Bend and Snap Laker Girls are Abigail Gaddis, Hannah Jones, Pam Powell, Jayde Shelton, Ashley Reider, Carly Woods, Cheyenne Cozad, Caroline Latture, Anna Sinclair, Gabbie Ware, Carley Jones, Amber Thomas Ashlee Hankins and Madi Schumacher.

Whipped Into Shape Workout Girls are Kelsey Drees Featured Male Dancer Austin Morse, Sarah Mitchell, Lauren Ballard, Bailey Weathers, Ashley Osburn, Rainey Ross, Brooklyn Jennings, Payton King, Lizzie Schaefer, Haley Morris, Kelsey Ivory, Autumn Klein, Pamela Powell and Mollie Jarnagin.

Prosecution Team are Cadie Bailey, Ayden Shurley and Mallory Kinsley.

Jurors are Mackenzie Runsick, C.J. Long, Justin Nabors, Carter Reaves, Cerron Davis, Emily Tripp, Mckenzie King and Jerry Matella.

Restaurant Patrons are Justin Nabors, Madison Ransom, Ayden Shurley, Kaycie Merrell, Halee Sanders, McKenzie Runsick and Emily Trip.

Take It Like a Man salespeople are Hannah Scogin and Elizabeth Peebles. Shoppers are Noah Sorrell and Kale Eddington.

Courtroom Trial Observers are David Nichols, Emily Freeman, Harris Sutton, C.J. Long, Madison Ransom, Kaycie Merrell, Justin Nabors, Cambrie Wade, Alivia Butler, Ashlee Hankins, Braylin Powers, Halee Sanders, Conley Hillegas, Landon Hagar and Jordan Spinks.

Legally Blonde Remix Irish Dancers are Mollie Jarnagin, Gracie Morris, Cheyenne Cozad, Carly Woods, Maddie Coffer, Caleigh Pickard and Pamela Powell.

Stage Managers are Seth Trostel, Ashley Glover and Courtney Thompson

Costume student directors are Mckenzie Cummings and Dallas Gibson

Costume Crew Co-Heads are McCall Mayhair and Chloe Dailey

Costume crew members include Carly Rogers, Trinity Ogelvie, Concera Davis, Rachel Provose, Cescily Pojar, Brianna Evans, Mia Hamp, Hannah Hoover, Cadie Bailey, Hannah Grove and Olivia Wheeler.

Running crew heads are Nikki Stricklin and Joseph Martin.

Crew are Baylee Beavers, Sam Robertson, Brianna Evans, Asher Hargrove, Shannah Gardner, Madison Taylor, Makiya Davis, Haylee Kilgore, Joey Taylor, Jake Bemis, Cerron Davis, Olivia Henderson, Garrett Yovanovich, Alexsis Byrd and Carter Reaves.

Props crew heads are Lizzie Ray and Hailey Vidimos.

Props are by Mary Lilly, Ivy Westmoreland and Alexsis Byrd.

Light crew head is Christie Waterman.

Lighting by Alex Calhoun and Collin Messec.

Sound crew head are Robert Kingston, Lights: Peyton Burkett, Kris Belknap, Justin Evans and Kylie Ogden.

Director and choreographer is Ashley Tarvin. Technical director is Deanna Carpenter.

Sound and light engineer is Logan Smith.

Assistant director is Ben Brockinton.

Theater consultant is Gwen Brooks, and student directors are Caleigh Pickard and Madison Coffer.